Feedback is the breakfast of champions โ€” Ken Blanchard In 2017, I was working in i-surance as CTO and had a project to work on with my tech team: the migration of a business line to a new framework. The final result wasnโ€™t what was expected, and the project was a complete failureโ€ฆ
In the tech lead role, the learning format also changes compared to the developer stage. Change the content to learn (code and best practicesโ€ฆ
My situation back in 2014: I was CTO and I worked around 11hrs a day. Basically, two shifts in just one. Every day I had an average of 8 to 10 things toโ€ฆ
The concept of โ€œhigh-performanceโ€ is widely used in sports, and it is common for elite athletes to use high-performance centers to compete at their bestโ€ฆ
You may have felt that you are not up to your job more than once. You know you have a good job, but you don't really think you have the skills needed toโ€ฆ
Culture is what everyone does at work, every day. It's that air we breathe in the company. Let's start with what really means Engineering Cultureโ€ฆ
Have you ever heard about the GROW model? Well, itโ€™s a coaching and mentoring tool that fosters open questions and active listening to identify yourโ€ฆ
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to grab breakfast with an amazing woman who shared a bit of her story and her mission of fostering techโ€ฆ
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