Hi, here Alvaro Moya, founder at Lidr.co πŸ‘‹

Long story short, I spent most of my professional career as CTO in startups, literally walking the whole path from 0 to unicorn. During the journey, I’ve grown from solopreneur to leading big distributed tech teams in skyrocketing scaleups!

During this time I has mentored dozens of engineers to help them transition to managers and develop a successful career plan.

Through these learning pills, I am going to share with you some actionable tips, tools and provide you with experiences related to the challenges that tech leads & engineering managers face on their day-to-day.

Hope you enjoy it and get the most of out! πŸš€

What we do?

Discover our 100% actionable courses, learn from top-notch CTOs and boost your skills to become an effective leader in tech:

πŸš€ Ignite Mentoring Program

We think of Ignite as the starter kit for formal leadership in tech.

It is a high-performance live training that prepares you to handle tech-lead and engineering manager positions. It levels up your skillset, but mainly your mindset and attitude.

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πŸ’‘ Lidr Academy

Lidr Academy is a cohort-based course with 100% actionable and structured content that covers all areas needed to move from Developer to Tech Lead & Engineering Manager. To consume it at your own peace, from anywhere.

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πŸ‘₯ Mentoring

We offer personal mentoring in 10h-packs to help anyone with technical or career challenges, from devs to directors. Usually, this is purchased as a complement of the programs above, in order to have more personal guidance and support with upcoming challenges. 

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🧐 Lidr Hiring

We want to be your partners in connecting career opportunities with talent. We specialize in the Digital and IT world!  

You will have exclusive access to more than 4,000 tech leadership profiles from our Lidr community. Plus free access to Lidr Academyβ€” So the candidate will continue developing, that’s on us.

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πŸ₯‡ Lidr Community

Join our public community. For tech leaders, by tech leaders. β€” The safest place where tech leaders like you come to interact with other peers, get answers, learn from experts, expand their network, live practical challenges, and grow together.

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