How would you say your wellness level is right now, from 1 to 10? If I let you 5 minutes to answer this question, what dimensions or areas of your lifeโ€ฆ

October 2022

The entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills and attitudes that make all the difference. Develop it will help you become a unicorn in the techโ€ฆ
Between passion and obligation, I developed a very early 360-degrees vision of the many technologies and processes involved in creating a digitalโ€ฆ

September 2022

As a leader, you must light the way for your team, so they can move forward, overcoming the obstacles they find along the path. That's what I call: Aโ€ฆ
Culture is the โ€œwhyโ€ behind every action taken by anyone. Those infinite, small actions are what ultimately determine success

August 2022

Jose Arcos, Lead WordPress Developer at Ekkiden, shares from his experience leading Dev teams how assertiveness is the key ingredient in his dailyโ€ฆ
Feedback is the breakfast of champions โ€” Ken Blanchard In 2017, I was working in i-surance as CTO and had a project to work on with my tech team: theโ€ฆ

July 2022

In the tech lead role, the learning format also changes compared to the developer stage. Change the content to learn (code and best practicesโ€ฆ
My situation back in 2014: I was CTO and I worked around 11hrs a day. Basically, two shifts in just one. Every day I had an average of 8 to 10 things toโ€ฆ

June 2022

The concept of โ€œhigh-performanceโ€ is widely used in sports, and it is common for elite athletes to use high-performance centers to compete at their bestโ€ฆ
You may have felt that you are not up to your job more than once. You know you have a good job, but you don't really think you have the skills needed toโ€ฆ

April 2022

Culture is what everyone does at work, every day. It's that air we breathe in the company. Let's start with what really means Engineering Cultureโ€ฆ